At Mirador Publishing we believe that you should always have a choice when it comes to publishing your work.  This is why we offer the most flexible and personalised options in the business.

Don’t want to be tied to a publishing house? For the truly independent author, we offer self-publishing help through our Author Services. From proofreading to press releases. You get to pick and choose from our range of self-publishing services and, of course, you keep all the rights and royalties. We even provide help with a ‘how to’ guide to Amazon’s Direct Publishing service.

Our most popular packages are our Partnership Packages where you will be guided through the publishing process by one of our editing team. Depending on the package you choose, you and your dedicated editor will work through everything from marketing to typesetting. Because the author contribution, we are able to offer industry-leading royalty rates.

Our traditional imprint is currently being withdrawn but we are still publishing a few books on the Traditional model each year if the book meets the standards we require. Whilst royalty rates under a Traditional Publishing Contract are always going to be lower than those which can be offered through other routes, our rates are still amongst the most competitive in the sector.

We are currently accepting both solicited and unsolicited submissions in all genres. If you are interested in working with us, please send us the first three chapters of your manuscript and a synopsis of your work. We will give full consideration to each submission. Once your work has been reviewed we will contact you via email.

Jacob Modesta has been tasked with smuggling footage of Nazi atrocities in central and eastern Europe to the allies. But the British government has been compromised & traitors lurk at every turn. An agent is dispatched to protect the courier, en-route. Unknown to them both, the film footage they are protecting also depicts a mysterious new weapon. Pursued by a clutch of enemies and allies, will they live long enough to complete their mission?

Stories of speculation, mystery, romance and thrills…A selection of tales, or is that tails? All of which have an element of hope. This collection is for the animals of the Las Alpujarras who need help – our help – to see their hopeful futures burn a little brighter. The Orgiva Writing Group wanted to support the Animal Group, Nomaypa so we’ve been working on this collection to help. Every book sold will help raise money for those who cannot help themselves. Many thanks from them and from us for your support.

When they have broken you, when you have been humiliated, bullied, deserted and destitute, can you find a place where you may dare to be happy? Susan travels with her mother, escaping a life of heartbreak and poverty in the city, to live with their one remaining friend in a small rural village. At twenty Susan is still bound by the trauma of her youth, but starts to blossom into womanhood, thanks to the tender encouragement of Luke, the eccentric occupant of ‘The Cherries’, who lives surrounded by books and art. It is a journey of tears and laughter, helping to heal mind and spirit. But can the past ever be truly behind you?

We are a well established Publishing Company who fully understands that the way the public buys books has changed forever. We understand how to make your book visible, how to promote your book and what it takes to sell books. We are proud of our track record and have launched many a debut author to a successful career in writing. We have many bestselling authors and our books frequently top the Amazon charts. We understand book marketing and we understand it changes daily.

Our Mission Statement is to serve the needs of the independent author and give them the tools and support they need to sell books. We have been doing this for many years now and we have an enviable reputation in launching new authors to successful careers. We are committed to ensuring that both new and established authors get an industry leading publishing experience and end up with a book that they are proud of.

We know what it takes to be a successful author in today’s overcrowded book market.

Do you dream of getting away somewhere peaceful to write but also want some professional support? Do you want to meet and work with successful authors?

Our proven system of workshops, tutorials and one-to-one coaching is designed to help you improve your writing skills, taking you from writer to successful author. With plenty of writing time and the opportunity to talk with other writers, this is your chance to combine an unforgettable holiday with your muse.

Would you prefer to spend time writing your books as opposed to writing social media posts? We have teamed up with a firm that offers social media marketing for the busy author. Ranging from those who just need some help setting up, to those who hand the whole lot over for someone else to manage.

Worldwide, 79% of the population uses social media daily. Learning how to harness this market potential can boost your book sales. Through your use of social platforms, you’ll be able to connect with your readers. ​